Gone with the Wind Chapters 11-13 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 11-13 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1.What is Scarlett searching for as she secretly reads Ashley’s letters?

2. How does Rhett initially gain acceptance in Atlanta’s society?

3. What does Mrs. Merriwether admonish Pittypat, Melanie, and Scarlett to do?

4. Why does Melanie refuse to do as Mrs. Merriwether demands?

5. Why does Dr. Meade write a letter to the newspaper?

6. What does Scarlett attempt to persuade Rhett to do?

7. Why does Rhett bring Scarlett the colorful bonnet from Paris?

8. Why does Melanie ask Scarlett to intercede on her behalf?

9. Why does Belle Watling speak with Melanie?

10. Why is Scarlett outraged that the handkerchief Belle tied the money in has Rhett’s initials on it?

1. She is still searching for evidence that Ashley is in love with her but doesn’t know it.

2. Because of his trips to Europe for the Confederate Cause, Rhett is in a position to see the new fashions and takes careful note of them to relate to the ladies in Atlanta.

3. Mrs. Merriwether admonishes Pittypat, Scarlett, and Melanie to stop receiving Rhett.

4. She feels it unjust to bar Rhett from their home since, although the words are different, Ashley and Rhett’s sentiments are the same.

5. Without naming Rhett, Dr. Meade writes a letter to the newspaper against speculators, profiteers, and...

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