Gone with the Wind Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Scarlett try so hard to please Mammy?

2. Why does Scarlett depend on Gerald to tell the truth about Ashley’s engagement?

3. What is Scarlett’s opinion of Ashley’s interest in writing poetry, reading books, and listening to music?

4. How does Gerald treat Scarlett?

5. Why does Gerald feel Scarlett will never be happy with Ashley?

6. Upon what does Gerald place the highest value?

7. Why does Ellen leave?

8. What are Scarlett’s feelings toward her mother?

9. Upon what does Scarlett feel her parents’ marriage is based?

10. How do we know Gerald is kindhearted?

1. Mammy was Ellen’s mother’s body slave, raised Ellen, and then the O’Hara girls. She feels she should know everything that transpires in these children’s lives and, if she does not, will go directly to Ellen who will demand explanations from the girls.

2. Gerald has just spent the afternoon with Ashley’s father, John Wilkes.

3. Plantation young men are expected to hunt, gamble, dance, indulge in politics, learn about the plantation, and possibly attend college. Scarlett has no interest in even talking about reading, much less doing it.

4. Gerald decides to will Tara to Scarlett upon his death. With this in mind, he treats her as a first-born son.

5. Gerald knows...

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