Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. At the time the story begins, how old is Scarlett?

2. Why could Stuart and Brent Tarleton not go home yet?

3. How do the twins know of Ashley’s engagement?

4. Why does Jeems accompany the twins?

5. Why is Ashley considered “different” from other young men?

6. Why are the officers of The Troop elected by the members?

7. Why is there no need to teach the members of The Troop to shoot?

8. Why doesn’t Jeems want to be sent home by himself?

9. Why are the Tarleton twins considered to be desirable husbands?

10. Why doesn’t Scarlett want to hear any more talk of the war?

1. Sixteen is considered the age for being “the belle of the ball,” the time to flirt with the young men of your own class in order to attain a proper husband. Scarlett is in all her glory now, enjoying the flirting, the clothes, the intrigues, the parties, and the attention.

2. After being expelled from their fourth college in two years, the Tarleton twins know their mother will not only deny them the Grand Tour of Europe but will be considerably angry since their brothers, Tom and Boyd, left school with them feeling it would not be honorable to stay in a college which expelled their brothers.

3. Pittypat is Charles and Melanie’s aunt as well as Ashley’s cousin. While at the train station in...

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