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Research topics and references for writing a paper on "Gone with the Wind."


To write a paper on Gone with the Wind, consider exploring themes such as the impact of the Civil War on Southern society, the transformation of Scarlett O'Hara's character, and the representation of race and slavery. Useful references include historical analyses of the Civil War, Margaret Mitchell's biography, and critical essays on the novel's cultural and social implications.

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What would be a good research topic for a paper on Gone with the Wind?

The novel prominently features General Sherman's notorious march from Atlanta to the sea during which it was his intention to destroy everything in his army's path and to support his men by looting. It seems to me that a good research topic would be that famous event in the Civil War, including the burning of Atlanta, Georgia, and followig the path of the Union Army. A paper on this subject might conclude with an assessment of how effective the march was in achieving its objective, which was to make the civilians so sick of the war that they would want the Confederate president to surrender. Margaret Mitchell's heroine was right in the path of the devastation, and the events are told through Scarlett O'Hara's point of view.

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What could be a research topic for "Gone with the Wind", and what book and online references can be used?

In order to write a research paper about Gone with the Wind, you will want to think about what ideas in the book can actually be researched. Since this is a work of fiction, you cannot research the characters. But the book takes place in a time that did exist, the period before, during, and after the Civil War. This is real and can be researched easily. You might want to inquire whether there is any differenc between the way the book handles the war and the way historians talk about the war. That is one avenue of research. Another is to compare historical accounts of how slaves were treated with the accounts in the book of how slaves were treated. Still another idea is to research the life of the author, Margaret Mitchell. I have listed some links that I hope will help you with your paper.

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