How can you divide a research paper on "Gone with the Wind" into three sections?

Expert Answers

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Throughout the book, Scarlett expresses regret that the life she always knew is slipping away from her. She cannot control that, much as we cannot control which way the wind blows. You may choose to divide your paper into a study of the South before, during, and after the war. You could even use terms such as "diagnosis" for the time before the war, "treatment" for the actual war or time during the war, and "recovery" for the time after the war (i.e. how the country recovered from the war and moved forward). Perhaps you could entitle your paper "A Society that Slipped away like the Wind." The book, and the movie, refer to the way of life in the South as a civilization "gone with the wind." Good luck with your paper and I hope this helps you with some ideas!

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