Suggested Essay Topics

Part I, Chapters 1-7
1. Although Scarlett is now a 17-year-old widowed mother, her behavior is not much different than it was when she was a 16-year-old, childless, single Southern belle. How does this reflect both her lack of emotional growth and wartime mores?
2. How does Ellen’s “treatment” of Gerald offer insight as to the traditional roles of male and female in the antebellum South?
3. Part I has introduced us to the different types of slaves and their positions in the family. Using specific characters, explain each different type of slave and what the expectations for this type of slave are.

Part II, Chapters 8-16
1. When Scarlett arrives in Atlanta, she sees a very different place than the small town she remembers. How is the city different and how did these changes come about?
2. The Southern ritual of mourning is rigidly prescribed. In what ways does Scarlett adhere to this ritual and in what ways does she not?
3. The Confederacy is often described as waging “total war” against the Union due to the people’s unending support, loyalty, and contribution. How does this apply to Melanie and Pittypat’s social circle when Scarlett stays with them?

Part III, Chapters 17-30
1. The Civil War overturned the traditional roles of male and female, parent and child, master and slave. How is this evidenced in this novel?
2. Rhett and Ashley are usually considered...

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