Gone with the Wind Chapters 8-10 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 8-10 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Pittypat Hamilton: Charles and Melanie’s spinster aunt

Uncle Peter: Pittypat’s slave

Mrs. Elsing, Mrs. Merriwether, and Mrs. Whiting: the leaders of Atlanta’s society

Henry Hamilton: Pittypat’s lawyer brother

Uncle Peter, Pittypat’s slave turned “keeper” who practically raised Melanie and Charles since they were orphaned very young and had Pittypat come to live with them, meets Scarlett, Wade, and Prissy (who comes along as the baby’s nurse) at the train station, giving orders the second he lays eyes on them. Scarlett is surprised to see that Atlanta is no longer the little town she remembers, born only nine years later...

(The entire section is 982 words.)