Gone with the Wind Chapters 60-63 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 60-63 Summary and Analysis

Scarlett is fearful. She sees she can expect no solace from Rhett. While she wants to apologize for saying he murdered Bonnie, the longer she waits, the harder it is to do. He is becoming a silent, morose, untidy drunk who is rarely at home. Dr. Meade advises Scarlett to have another baby with Rhett so he will stop this drinking which will eventually kill him and which he does to forget the pain of his daughter’s death. Mammy goes back to Tara permanently, so the lonely Scarlett has only Melanie with whom to talk.

From the Old Guard, only Pittypat, Melanie, and Ashley call on Scarlett. She discounts the visits from her new friends saying they don’t know her. Scarlett finally understands why...

(The entire section is 1254 words.)