Gone with the Wind Chapters 6-7 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 6-7 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Charles Hamilton: Scarlett’s first husband

Rhett Butler: a guest at the barbecue who watches Scarlett

Ashley Wilkes: a neighbor Scarlett convinces herself she is in love with

Honey and India Wilkes: Ashley’s sisters

Melanie Hamilton: Charles’ sister and future wife of Ashley

Wade Hampton Hamilton: Scarlett and Charles’ son, born after Charles’ death

Scarlett, who has previously stolen Honey Wilkes’ beau, Stuart Tarleton, begins flirting with Charles Hamilton, although he has an “understanding” with Honey. Rhett Butler watches Scarlett so boldly that she asks who he is, only to be told of his...

(The entire section is 705 words.)