Gone with the Wind Chapters 57-59 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 57-59 Summary and Analysis

A month later, Rhett sends Scarlett home to Tara at her request. Wade and Ella go too, minded by Prissy. Melanie avoids Rhett, embarrassed by what he’s told her in his drunkenness the night Scarlett began to recover. He comes to see her, to find out what the problem is, and to ask a favor: he wants Melly to help him persuade Ashley to take the money from him to buy the other half of the mill he shares with Scarlett and purchase her other mill.

Rhett fears for Scarlett’s health when she returns home and works as hard as she had before her illness. Rhett feels the store will be strenuous enough work for her but knows she won’t sell the mills to anyone but Ashley. He wants Melly to deceive both...

(The entire section is 1041 words.)