Gone with the Wind Chapters 54-56 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 54-56 Summary and Analysis

Once safely home from Ashley’s party, Scarlett is an emotional wreck. After silently thinking in her room, she goes to get a drink when a very drunken Rhett asks her to join him in the dining room. She thinks it best not to let him see she fears him. He gives her a drink, telling her he knows all about her secret drinking, and forces her to sit down to discuss the evening with him.

He divulges that he knows Melly doesn’t believe Ashley and Scarlett are lovers; she’s too honorable “ . . . to conceive of dishonor in anyone she loves” and she loves both Ashley and Scarlett. He reveals he knows she has been lusting for Ashley since before they met, even as he was making love to her. She leaves...

(The entire section is 940 words.)