Gone with the Wind Chapters 51-53 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 51-53 Summary and Analysis

Contemplating her slightly larger waistline, Scarlett decides not to have any more children. She goes to the mill where she and Ashley examine the books and is disappointed at how poorly he’s done in comparison to Johnnie Gallegher. Ashley explains he cannot be as harsh on the convicts as Johnnie is and blames Rhett for poisoning her when she tells Ashley he must be harsh. Her belief that Ashley loves her is intensified as he criticizes Rhett.

She tells Rhett she wants separate bedrooms to ensure no future pregnancies, but doesn’t tell him it’s also to be true to Ashley. Rhett tells Scarlett he could divorce her for this but won’t; he’s tired of her sexually. She cannot think how to tell...

(The entire section is 1277 words.)