Gone with the Wind Chapters 48-50 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 48-50 Summary and Analysis

As we move into Part V of the book, Scarlett and Rhett are on their honeymoon in New Orleans. Scarlett thoroughly enjoys Rhett’s Carpetbagger, Scalawag, and speculator friends, preferring to ignore his past activities. He buys her stylish clothes and she buys gifts for the family. Rhett reminds her to get Mammy a present, but she refuses saying Mammy was hateful, so he buys Mammy one. What Scarlett enjoys the most in New Orleans is the food and liquor.

While discussing how he invests his money, Rhett tells her he is going to have a house built near Pittypat’s and they will stay in the bridal suite of the National Hotel until it is completed. She chooses a garish style even as he warns her not to...

(The entire section is 1172 words.)