Gone with the Wind Chapters 46-47 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 46-47 Summary and Analysis

When Captain Jaffery gets no answers, he arrests some men and orders Belle and her girls to appear for questioning in the morning. Meanwhile, Frank and Tommy Wellburn’s bodies are placed behind Belle’s place to make it look as if they killed each other in a drunken fight over one of Belle’s girls. The whole town resents having to rely on Belle and Rhett for their alibis. While the Yankees are amused by the alibis, they feel kindly toward Scarlett in her loss. Mrs. Meade thinks the alibi is Rhett’s enormous, but lifesaving, joke on the people that disdain him.

Belle calls at Melly’s house, but stays in the closed carriage to warn her the note of gratitude Melanie sent is unnecessary and...

(The entire section is 756 words.)