Gone with the Wind Chapters 43-45 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 43-45 Summary and Analysis

Rhett returns after an absence of several months. He chides Scarlett for leasing convicts and hiring Johnnie Gallegher to manage them and the mill. She asks why he goes to New Orleans so often. He responds that his legal ward, a schoolboy, is there and asks her to keep this information to herself. He also went to Charleston because his father died.

His father had disowned him as a youth, making it necessary for his mother to lie in order to see him in secret. Rhett’s mother and sister were destitute since the war because his father refused to accept Rhett’s “tainted” money. They lived on the charity of their friends and whatever small amounts his brother (who also refused Rhett’s money)...

(The entire section is 1444 words.)