Gone with the Wind Chapters 39-42 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 39-42 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Archie: a murderer freed from prison for agreeing to fight in the Confederate Army

Scarlett returns to a devastated Jonesboro wearing Mrs. Meade’s ill-fitting black dress. Will is not there to meet her train, but Alex Fontaine goes to fetch him from the blacksmith shop. Thinking she already knows how Gerald died, Alex castigates Suellen to Scarlett before he goes. Will greets her warmly and asks for permission to marry Suellen, explaining Carreen will never recover from Brent’s death and is planning to enter a convent. He tells her he decided the only way to stay at Tara, with Gerald dead and both Carreen and Scarlett living elsewhere, is to marry Suellen for...

(The entire section is 1693 words.)