Gone with the Wind Chapters 37-38 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 37-38 Summary and Analysis

Tony Fontaine arrives in Atlanta on a dark and stormy night, requesting help. He has killed Jonas Wilkerson, Tara’s former overseer, and needs money and a horse to flee. Wilkerson filled freedmen’s heads with the right to accost white women. While drunk, one of them caused Tony’s sister-in-law, Sally, to scream in fright. Tony shot him and went after Wilkerson.

Ashley met Tony on the way to Jonesboro to kill Wilkerson and wanted to do it himself because of the way Wilkerson acted about Tara, but Tony insisted he must do it. Ashley held back the others while Tony told Wilkerson why he was killing him and knifed him to death. Now Tony must flee to Texas.

Frank hints that such people...

(The entire section is 1251 words.)