Gone with the Wind Chapters 35-36 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 35-36 Summary and Analysis

A dejected Scarlett walks back to Pittypat’s house, encountering Frank Kennedy along the way. He gives her a ride in his buggy and she looks at him anew. He asks about Suellen and tells Scarlett he’s settled in Atlanta now and has a moneymaking store here. He also tells her of the sawmill he wants to buy. He’s saving his money to marry Suellen so Scarlett knows he won’t lend her any if she asks. She resolves to marry him herself for his money.

She fabricates a story about going to Yankee headquarters to see if she could sell the soldiers some fancy work for their wives. She plays on his sympathies, flirting with him and asking him what she should do to earn money. She lies to Frank, telling...

(The entire section is 1131 words.)