Gone with the Wind Chapters 33-34 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 33-34 Summary and Analysis

The next day, Mammy and Scarlett arrive unannounced in a still-ruined Atlanta. They see rebuilding all around them but most of the shops bear names they do not know. Scarlett is disturbed by the number of Yankee soldiers. Belle Watling passes, obviously prosperous. The Meade and Whiting homes are gone. The Elsing’s is being repaired, as is the Bonnell’s, but Mammy and Scarlett do not see the families.

Scarlett presses Pittypat for information. She learns Pittypat’s farms, town property, and money are gone. Even the house she lives in really belongs to Melanie and Scarlett, and Uncle Henry is having trouble keeping the taxes paid on that. Scarlett knows he also saved one piece of downtown...

(The entire section is 705 words.)