Gone with the Wind Chapters 3-5 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 3-5 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Pork: Gerald’s body slave

Dilcey: Pork’s wife

Prissy: Dilcey’s daughter

Suellen and Careen O’Hara: Scarlett’s two younger sisters

After hastily emigrating from Ireland under dubious circumstances when he was 21, Gerald O’Hara, a man without fortune or education, won an impoverished Tara during a drunken poker game, making a reality of his ambition to own a plan¬tation. Ten years later, realizing Tara needed a mistress and he a wife, he married Ellen Robillard, 28 years younger than he. She was from Savannah, where he had gone to ask his older brothers, James and Andrew, to help him find a wife.

After the death...

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