Gone with the Wind Chapters 29-30 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 29-30 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Will Benteen: Confederate soldier left at Tara to recover from pneumonia

General Johnston surrenders and the war ends. Pork spends five weeks on the road returning with clothes, seeds, and food. Scarlett is glad of the war’s end, thinking it will be the end of her fear. Suellen and Scarlett fight over the horse; Suellen wants to make use of him for social visits while Scarlett insists he is only for work. The argument ends when Scarlett slaps Suellen.

Scarlett continues as head of the house, buying seed, overseeing the planting, supervising the daily household tasks, and making sure there is food.

The Confederate soldiers begin to return home....

(The entire section is 634 words.)