Gone with the Wind Chapters 23-25 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 23-25 Summary and Analysis

Scarlett sits, waiting for Rhett to come take them away from the hell Atlanta has become. She sees flames and thinks the Yankees have come and are burning the city. Prissy returns and tells her it is their own soldiers who are doing the burning and that she saw Rhett, who told her his horse and carriage were already commandeered, but he promises to get a horse. Scarlett tells Prissy to prepare Wade and the baby to leave. She has not been able to bring herself to go to Melanie since the birth of the baby. Rhett arrives and argues with her that she cannot go home as she wants to; the road to Tara is unsafe, but she becomes hysterical insisting she will and Rhett concedes. He bundles them all into the rickety...

(The entire section is 1002 words.)