Gone with the Wind Chapters 19-22 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 19-22 Summary and Analysis

Scarlett is terrified as shells burst overhead and Melanie’s due date draws near. Prissy assures Scarlett she can manage the birth since her mother is a midwife. Scarlett longs to go home but doesn’t, only because of her promise to Ashley. She finds Wade troublesome in his fear and plans to have Prissy deliver him to Tara, then return to Atlanta in time for the birth but travel becomes too dangerous. As she becomes jaded by the terrible living conditions in a city under siege, she also becomes accustomed to soldiers knocking at the door for food, medical treatment, or a place to sleep.

Uncle Henry, on the way to protect Jonesboro, stops to say goodbye and asks Scarlett to inform Melanie her...

(The entire section is 947 words.)