Gone with the Wind Chapters 14-16 Summary and Analysis

Margaret Mitchell

Chapters 14-16 Summary and Analysis

Although the South continues to believe in its eventual victory, letters begin to trickle home from the soldiers asking for boots and supplies. News arrives of the fall of Vicksburgh to the west as Lee fights in Pennsylvania. Pittypat, Melanie, and Scarlett join the others at the offices of the newspaper to get news of Ashley.

Rhett joins them, announcing the first casualty lists have been sent to the newspapers and are being printed. He fights the crowd to bring them the first galley proofs. Ashley’s name is not on the casualty list, although the following are: Dallas McLure; Darcy Meade; Raiford Calvert; Joe Fontaine; LaFayette Munroe; and Brent, Stuart, and Thomas Tarleton. Rhett leaves to tell...

(The entire section is 830 words.)