Gone Girl

by Gillian Flynn

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Student Question

Do you favor Nick or Amy in Gone Girl? Does the author intend for us to like them?

Expert Answers

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As the protagonists’ stories emerge in Gone Girl, the reader gradually comes to see the many negative characteristics that Nick and Amy both possess. The author encourages us to question the morals of both characters.

Amy’s frustrations clearly contributed to her concocting the elaborate scheme that is evidence of her mental decline, but it is equally obviously that her mental illness preceded her marriage. The reader can both sympathize with her because she is ill and condemn her because she is a murderer as well as a manipulative liar.

Nick’s betrayal through having an affair, especially when Amy is basically stuck in his tiny hometown, shows his true selfishness. In the end, their negative qualities predominate, and the reader is likely to conclude that they deserve each other.

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