Golden Trillium Summary
by Andre Norton

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Golden Trillium

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

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GOLDEN TRILLIUM is the story of the sister Kadiya, who has neither the sorcery of her sister Haramis nor the crown of her sister Anigel, but who is burdened with a magical sword. She travels with a swamp-dweller named Jagun, who is of the Oddling race, and when she fails at returning her sword she encounters creatures known as Hassitti, who tell her of an advancing danger.

Kadiya meets with even more wondrous creatures, known as the Vanished Ones. These are beings of a race which left the world centuries before and have been living in a place outside space and time. Legend tells that the Vanished Ones are all-powerful, but Kadiya learns that this may not be true. The evil plaguing the land is of a similar, but darker, nature, and the help of the Vanished Ones may not be enough to save the world.

While the plot of GOLDEN TRILLIUM may sound familiar, the characters and the world they live in are much richer and deeper than those of a typical fantasy novel. The Oddlings, Uisigu, Skritek, Hassitti, and Vanished Ones are all well drawn and believable. Kadiya, though armed with a magical sword, still gets tired and sweaty, and she sometimes fails in her attempts. And while the ending leaves room for yet another story with Kadiya, it wraps up all the loose ends of this tale in a satisfying fashion.