Chapters 18-20 Summary

Serafina Pekkala is talking with Lee Scoresby. The Texan aeronaut is keen to learn how he will be financially compensated should his transport of Iorek into Svalbard be interpreted as an act of war. The witch queen explains that people are already at war and that both she and Lee are on Lyra’s side. She explains to Lyra that Iorek was a prince of the bears but that he wrongly killed a rival bear and was exiled. She goes on to explain that this was a scheme of Iofur Raknison, the current king of the bears. Lyra also declares that she intends to deliver the alethiometer to Lord Asriel and that she will rescue him. Then cliff ghasts attack Lyra and her companions before they arrive.

When Lyra comes to after the attack,...

(The entire section is 518 words.)