The Golden Apples

by Eudora Welty

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The Golden Apples largely revolves around the small town of Morgana, Mississippi, and tells the stories of its inhabitants. As the stories unfold, it becomes clear how all of the inhabitants' lives are linked together.

The main characters of The Golden Apples are the MacLains. The MacLain house was built for King MacLain and his albino wife, Snowdie Hudson, who is the daughter of the Crossroads storekeeper. King MacLain is unfaithful and rebellious, and he soon leaves his wife and young twin sons to chase after other women. Snowdie takes in boarders to make ends meet, which eventually results in a boarder setting fire to the MacLain home. By the final story, "The Wanderers," the house is gone.

Your analysis of The Golden Apples could include thoughts on how the MacLain twins' shaky upbringing shaped their lives. Both Randall and Eugene have interpersonal struggles and marital trouble, largely as a result of their father leaving when they were so young.

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