The God Who Loves You Topics for Further Study
by Carl Dennis

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Topics for Further Study

(Poetry for Students)

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In Dennis’s “The God Who Loves You,” the reader is encouraged to ignore hypothetical people and instead focus on real-life people and experiences. Research the options available to you for pen pals, such as a soldier serving overseas. Write a letter to this pen pal sharing your own experiences and asking about what life is like for him or her.

Dennis’s poem explores the ideas of predetermination and free will. Research these two philosophies and write a report that includes your own views on these subjects, using your research to support your claims. Choose the one that interests you most and write a short biography about one of the philosophy’s major proponents.

Imagine how your life might have been drastically different, if one simple event had occurred or not occurred. Write a fictional account of one day in this altered life.

Artists have explored divine images in art, film, music, and other media in various ways. Choose one medium, then choose one modern work within this medium that depicts an image of God. Research the background of the piece and write a report discussing why the artist was influenced to create this particular image of God.

Various religions have different images and ideas of who or what God is. Choose two images of God from two religions other than the one you practice and compare and contrast at least five characteristics of these divine entities on a chart.