(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Gospodar Stevan Milic

Gospodar Stevan Milic, a farmer and the father of two sons, both grown. One is a monster, hidden since birth. He crawls on all fours like a goat and screams terribly. A physician wants Stevan to have him placed in a home, but Stevan refuses because this will mean revealing his secret. The monster’s escape worries Stevan so much that people think him mad. In a struggle between the villagers and nearby vagabonds, the monster, now bound and hidden behind the church altar, is regarded as a saint. The vagabonds murder and plunder, thinking that they are appeasing the monster. At last, Stevan is forced to claim the monster as his son before everyone. Later, with both sons dead, Stevan feels young. Their guilty secret disclosed, he and his wife find each other again.

Mirko Milic

Mirko Milic, his normal son. When he attacks the leader of the vagabonds, he is killed by a guard.

Stanja Vesilic

Stanja Vesilic, who is betrothed to Mirko. The marriage has been arranged by the parents, and Stanja comes to stay in the Milic house for a month, as is the custom. Because the vagabond leader says that the monster is to be released only to Stanja, she takes a knife to go into the sanctuary to cut the monster’s bonds. After Mirko’s death, she insists on staying with Stevan and his wife. At the end of the drama, she reveals that she is carrying the monster’s...

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