The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Glory Season, set on the colonized world of Stratos, explores how humans might attempt to create a feminist utopia. Genetic engineering has helped to create a pastoral society of female clones. Parthenogenic reproduction, taking place in Stratoss winter season, produces female clones genetically identical to the birth mother. These genetically identical women form family clans, with the clans that trace back to the founding mothers generally being the largest and most influential. Unfortunately for the Founder’s plans, men are needed to “spark” the cloning process, and genetically variant children are also born, in the summer. Half of the summer variants that are born are male, providing a self-perpetuating population. The majority of Stratoin inhabitants are clones, genetically identical to their birth mothers. The entire society has been genetically and socially engineered to reduce female and male interaction.

Maia, the main character, and her twin sister, Leie, are summer variant children five Stratoin years old (the equivalent of fifteen Earth years). They must, as clan tradition dictates, make their own way in the world, leaving their clone family. The two girls hope to capitalize on their twin heritage to find their niche in the world and be able to establish their own clan. Their work and adventures take them on mast rigger sailing ships and over land by foot, wagon, and horseback. Leie is the more defiant and socially aware of the...

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