Globalization and Technological Advancements

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What are the effects of globalization on culture?

Expert Answers

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To a degree, this depends on which people you are discussing. A subsistence farm in sub-Saharan Africa and a hedge fund manager based in London have very different cultural experiences. It is also not really possible to separate the effects of globalization from those of technology.

International trade mean many types of material culture are available globally rather than just locally. For example, on the level of cuisine, one can buy sushi in the United States, fried chicken in Paris, and halal meat in South America. As a wide range of consumers become familiar with international cuisines, creative fusions are also common, such as chicken tikka masala pizza. 

Another important effect of globalization has been the increasing dominance of English as a global language. This affects both business and the arts.

Internet technology and globalization have combined to make many forms of entertainment, including films and video games shared among a global audience and thus designed to meet international demands rather than merely domestic ones. 

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