The Global Edge

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The text begins with a list of ten principles of international business protocol to be applied the world over. These start with doing one’s homework, realizing that first impressions are lasting, and proceed through mastering negotiating techniques and entertaining effectively. One of the principles deals with security, outlining the methods for avoiding the kidnaping and terrorism that is a danger to executives in some countries. The last principle emphasizes that in foreign countries business relationships are long-lasting, so it is best to negotiate for the future as well as the present.

Following are reports on twenty-five countries arranged by area. For each, information is given that will help the reader apply the principles most effectively. There is a cultural overview, a discussion of business opportunities, the ways to initiate contact, business protocol and procedure, and a discussion of business entertaining. The reports include data on business cards, forms of address, business dress, and gift giving. Included also are addresses for consulates, trade missions, hotels, and other institutions of value to the business traveler. All major trading partners are covered, including the Soviet Union.

The characterization of each country is sufficient to give the reader an overview of its business customs; it should stimulate further study of the intended market. The overall impression is that non-American business-people do not discuss personal matters, are not as accustomed as we are to women holding important positions, and seek to do business based upon long-term relationships. THE GLOBAL EDGE will not tell readers everything they need to know about trade in a given country, but it is a good place to start.