Glenway Wescott Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Glenway Wescott Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

When Glenway Wescott left his native Wisconsin, returned, and left again, each time it was to move farther east, first to Chicago, then New York, then Europe. It was also to plunge into the major literary currents of the day: imagism in poetry, regionalism in fiction, criticism of American culture and society by the expatriates, focus on the self as a major theme, and revolt against traditional forms and experiments with new ones. If he was typical of the young writers of the 1920’s, then he was also—like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and William Faulkner—a distinctive voice whose contributions to this innovative period of American fiction should be studied along with those of his greater contemporaries.


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