Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Ned Beaumont

Ned Beaumont, a tall, lean, narrow-eyed, mustached, cigar-smoking gambler and amateur detective. He finds Taylor Henry’s body, collects the money Bernie owes him, is tortured by O’Rory, disbelieves Madvig’s confession, witnesses O’Rory’s murder, receives Senator Henry’s confession, and gets Janet.

Paul Madvig

Paul Madvig, his blond, heavy-set, ruddily handsome friend and the city’s political boss, in love with Janet. Though innocent, he confesses to Taylor’s murder.

Senator Henry

Senator Henry, Madvig’s distinguished, patrician-faced candidate for reelection; he is the real murderer of his son, Taylor, who is killed during a violent quarrel.

Janet Henry

Janet Henry, his brown-eyed daughter, who hates Madvig and falls in love with Ned.

Shad O’Rory

Shad O’Rory, Madvig’s rival, a gangster and ward boss who has Ned brutally beaten for refusing to help frame Paul. He is killed by Jeff.

Opal Madvig

Opal Madvig, Madvig’s blue-eyed, pink-skinned daughter, who had been meeting Taylor secretly. She attempts suicide.

Bernie Despain

Bernie Despain, a gambler Ned suspects of having murdered Taylor. He owes Ned money, which he finally pays.

Taylor Henry

Taylor Henry, Senator Henry’s son, found dead in the street.

Jack Rumsen

Jack Rumsen, a private detective hired by Ned to trail Bernie.

Michael Joseph Farr

Michael Joseph Farr, the district attorney, stout, florid, and pugnacious.


Jeff, O’Rory’s apish bodyguard, who beats Ned and later strangles O’Rory.