The Giver Themes

The Giver key themes:

  • In The Giver, Jonas’s dystopian society carefully marks the passage of childhood with rituals that emphasize conformity in development; Jonas, however, discovers what it means to grow up on his own.

  • The value of difference becomes apparent as the society’s focus on “Sameness” results in terrible abuses, like the “releases” that readers recognize as forced euthanasia.

  • The individual comes into conflict with society when society subordinates individual preferences to the good of the whole and limits individual freedoms.

  • Some identify The Giver as an allegory representing Amish and Anabaptist communities; others disagree and see the novel as a critique of gnosticism and the idea that deeper truth should remain in the hands of a privileged few.


Coming of Age
A key characteristic of the particular community Lowry has created is the annual ritual in December when each year...

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