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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. Discuss whether the music Jonas hears and the lights he sees at the very end of the novel are real. How are we supposed to read the ending? Do you think Jonas finally reaches a safe place?

2. How do Jonas's attitudes about the community change during the course of the novel? Why do the Giver and Jonas decide that Jonas should leave the community?

3. What does the novel suggest about the importance of being able to make choices, regardless of the consequences?

4. Why does the Giver feel that Rosemary was brave?

5. How is it that Jonas's father, who seems so sensitive to children, is able to perform "releases" so easily?

6. What would be the benefits of living in Jonas's community? What does Lowry suggest that the community has given up in order to be safe?

7. How is language used to control the behavior of community members?

8. How does Lowry manage to create suspense in this novel?

9. Discuss the memories that Jonas acquires from the Giver. How do they change him? Is...

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