Jonas in The Giver Quiz

Twelve-year-old Jonas lives in a world so structured that anything that is not expected and usual is considered alien and dangerous. Still, this is the life he has known and loves. When the day comes for Jonas to receive his career assignment, the new role will forever change both Jonas and his community. Be sure you understand the choices Jonas must face by taking this eNotes quiz on his character in The Giver, Lois Lowry's classic novel for young adults.

  1. What number is Jonas assigned in his year group?

  2. Whom does Jonas take with him when he leaves the Community?

  3. Jonas tries very hard to find the right words to __________________.

  4. How old is Jonas at the opening of the novel?

  5. Who does Jonas frequently visit at the House of the Old?

  6. Jonas is selected to be the Receiver of ___________

  7. What happens when the Chief Elder comes to Jonas's number?

  8. Who does Jonas witness committing a "Release"?

  9. The Chief Elder calls Jonas's number ____________

  10. True or False: Jonas is fairly sure what Assignment he will be given by the Elders

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