Giver in The Giver Quiz

The Giver is a very old man who has served the community for many years. This man is the keeper of memories, of things and events that existed before the purified society came into being. But now it is time to pass his role on to another: Jonas. Be sure you understand the function of The Giver and the man himself by taking this eNotes quiz for The Giver, Lois Lowry's classic novel for young adults.

  1. Who does the Giver claim is his child?

  2. Regarding his age, the Giver says he is _______________

  3. The Giver must transmit the "Memories of _____________."

  4. True or False: The Giver will not help Jonas escape

  5. By what is the Giver incredibly burdened?

  6. What is the subject of the videotape the Giver shows Jonas?

  7. What physical feature do the Giver and Jonas have in common?

  8. The first memory the Giver transmits to Jonas is of ___________

  9. What items fill the Giver's apartment?

  10. True or False: The Giver transmits the Memory of Nostalgia

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