The Giver Chapter 3 Quiz

Things are not going well in Jonas's household. Something is wrong with Gabe, and Jonas's father, a Nurturer, is not sure what the problem might be. Lily, Jonas's sister, is chastised by her mother about a possible choice for her daughter's future. Be sure you understand what is going on with Gabe, why Lily's mother objects to her choice, and more by taking The Giver Chapter 3 Quiz by eNotes.

  1. Why is Jonas's father so concerned about Gabe?

  2. What is the official reason for "public announcements"?

  3. What career choice does Lily's mother try to dissuade her from?

  4. True or False: Most of the community members have light colored eyes

  5. What item does Jonas perceive change in as he and Asher play with it?