Where in The Giver does it describe people being assigned roles based on their traits and talents?

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The community assigns people jobs based on careful observation of their predispositions.

In Jonas’s community, people do not just go out job hunting when they become adults.  Instead, children are assigned their occupation for life when they turn twelve.  In order to determine what job each person should have, the community observes each child carefully in the years leading up to the Ceremony of Twelve.

During the past year he had been aware of the increasing level of observation. In school, at recreation time, and during volunteer hours, he had noticed the Elders watching him and the other Elevens. He had seen them taking notes. (Ch. 2, p. 16)

All children volunteer from the age of eight in various places in the community.  Based on their volunteer hours, their schoolwork, and observation, a committee of elders determines their chief personality traits and predispositions to certain careers.  The assignments are announced to the entire community at the Ceremony of Twelve.

It seems like most of these assignments are a success.  For example, Jonas’s father had often volunteered in the Nurturing center and they saw that he was good with babies.  He was assigned to be a Nurturer, the people who care for infants from birth to age one.  It seems a good fit, because he has a teensy bit more compassion than most others in his community.

"Were any of the Elevens disappointed, your year?" Jonas asked.  Unlike his father, he had no idea what his Assignment would be. …

His father thought. "No, I don't think so. Of course the Elders are so careful in their observations and selections." (Ch. 2, p. 17)

Unlike our society, where people might choose the wrong profession and only realize it after years of schooling, or end up unemployed, in Jonas’s community everyone has a stable job.  Training begins right after the Ceremony of Twelve, and the children attend regular school less and less and training for their new assignments more and more until they go to work full time.

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