What are 15 rules in The Giver?

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In "The Giver", there are numerous rules to maintain order. For Jonas, as the Receiver of Memory, he has eight specific rules, such as going home immediately after training, not discussing his work, not applying for medicine, and having the freedom to lie. There are also general rules for the community including taking daily pills, accepting assigned jobs, wearing specific clothing, and not leaving the community's boundaries. Additionally, precise language, public apologies for disruptions, and reporting of 'stirrings' are required.

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When Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory, he receives eight rules that either free him from other community rules or confine him to following different ones that are specific to his calling. Jonas's rules are found in chapter nine and are paraphrased as follows:

1. Jonas is the only other person in the community allowed to go into the Annex except for the Giver himself and a receptionist.

2. Jonas must go home immediately after his training each day. This means he should not fraternize with friends after training—probably so he does not feel tempted to reveal what he has learned from the Giver.

3. Jonas is allowed to ask any question and receive any answer he wishes. This is different from the average citizen, who is not allowed to ask any question or demand an answer. 

3a. The second part to number 3 is that Jonas is exempt from rudeness. This corresponds with asking difficult questions, but it also relieves him from the strict rule of not being rude, as illustrated in his elementary school examples early on in the book.

4. While Jonas's friends can socialize after training each day and discuss their menial jobs, Jonas is not allowed to do so, because his work is classified.

5. This rule "prohibits" Jonas from telling his dreams to his parents, whereas others in the community are required to reveal their dreams in their family units as a way of controlling them. Jonas, however, is relieved from obeying this rule because as he gains more memories his dreams are more likely to reveal concepts and ideas that his parents and sibling will not understand. This could cause more confusion and chaos within the community.

6. Jonas cannot apply for medicine anymore because his new job requires him to feel pain for the community's sake. This is a great sacrifice for him and a difficult rule to follow after he experiences a broken bone from one of the memories.

7. This rule demands that Jonas cannot apply for release, which is basically suicide or death.

8. "You may lie" gives Jonas freedom to keep secrets and pain from others in the community, whereas everyone else must never lie. 

As shown above, there are at least eight rules that are used in order to maintain order within the community. This is different for Jonas once he becomes the Receiver. Other rules are detailed below:

1. Take your pills each day, so you will not fall in love with anyone in particular.

2. Do your job without question. For example, Jonas's father kills the smaller of twins without flinching because that is his job, and he is not allowed to ask questions.

3. Children are required to wear certain clothing during certain years of their early life.

4. Everyone must accept the job they are given at age twelve without question.

5. No one must leave the community's boundaries.

6. Everyone must use the proper word choice when communicating.

7. Everyone must appear at community events, which basically means everyone must conform to the rules and act like everyone else in the community.

Some rules are not stated, though, they just exist. For instance, when Jonas first goes to the Annex, he discovers that the Giver has locks on his door. No one else has locks on their doors; as a result, Jonas realizes that there are also unspoken rules that he has not noticed before. 

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There are many rules to be found in this novel, all intended for the good of the community and to keep order. For example,

1. Pilots must not fly over the community. 

2. If interruptions to the usual schedule are caused, a public apology must be made.  

3. Family units must share their feelings at night and their dreams in the morning. 

4. Each family unit may have two children, one female and one male. 

5. Children's names must remain secret until their naming ceremonies have happened. 

6. Children may not ride bikes until they are 9s.

7. Comfort objects are taken away at the ceremony of 8s.

8. Objects may not be removed from the recreation area.

9. Snacks may not be hoarded. 

10. Bragging and rudeness are not tolerated. 

11. Stirrings must be reported, so the treatment can take place.  

12. Members must not view each other naked. 

13. Doors may not be locked. 

14. Language must be precise.

15. Nobody may leave the community unless permitted expressly to do so. 

There are still more rules to be found here and there in the novel, but clearly, the purpose of these rules is to maintain order. 

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The community that Jonas lives in with his family has many rules.  The purpose of these rules is to maintain order and particular standards.  The people in the community are controlled by the many rules.  The following are some of those rules:

-  "Two children--one male, one female--to each family unit.  It was written very clearly in the rules" (The Giver, Chapter 1).

-  Children are not permitted to ride on bicycles until they become Nines (though this rule is usually broken).

-  Comfort objects must be surrendered when a child becomes an Eight.

-  Food is supposed to be consumed daily and not hoarded for future use.

-  Things cannot be removed from certain areas.  For example, nothing must be removed from areas of recreation.

-  One should not look at a child or adult while they are naked.

-  Medication must be taken to prevent the Stirrings.

-  Planes are not permitted to fly above the community.

-  No lying is permitted.

-  Bragging is not permitted.

-  No one may leave the community without permission.

-  Precision of language is a required skill.

-  Doors are not allowed to be locked.

-  Elevens are required to complete volunteer hours.

-  People who repeatedly break the rules in the community must be released.

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