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Chapter 8 Summary

It seems that the Chief Elder has decided not to assign Jonas a job within the community. Every other new Twelve has received his or her assignment, and the entire community feels uneasy at Jonas’s omission. The Chief Elder explains that a mistake has not been made. Nevertheless, she apologizes for the unease everyone has felt, and the community accepts her apology. She next apologizes to Jonas specifically, and he also accepts her apology. Jonas notices that these assurances assuage the concerns of the community.

The Chief Elder explains that Jonas has not been given an assignment. Instead, he has been selected to take on a great burden on behalf of the community. Jonas has been selected for training as the Receiver of Memory. The Receiver is the most important member of the Committee of Elders, and the decision to select a child for this difficult post cannot be made lightly. She explains that if even one member of the council “dreams” of doubt, then they will not select a potential candidate. This policy has become even more important considering that the previous selection ten years before turned out to be a failure. Jonas sees the current Receiver, who is somehow distinct from the other Elders, looking at him intensely.

The Committee of Elders has been watching Jonas for several...

(The entire section is 435 words.)