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Chapter 23 Summary

Jonas and Gabriel are starving, and now things are getting worse. A swirling snowstorm has started. Although Jonas tells Gabriel that snow is beautiful, it is of little help to the two fugitives. Still, Jonas feels that Elsewhere is nearby. None of his senses confirm it and there are no sounds ahead, but Jonas feels certain that he is close to his destination. Up to this point, Elsewhere has been a place of mystery. For all Jonas knows, it may well be, as Lily speculates, a world of twins. Regardless of what it is, Jonas is desperate to reach a world of light and warmth. He and Gabe will die of starvation and exposure soon.

The snow is mounting, and ahead of them, Jonas sees a hill. Jonas’s feet and legs are numb and exhausted from the exertion of their travels. Jonas continues to push on the pedals, but the bicycle eventually stalls and then falls over. With great difficulty, Jonas forces himself up and begins to climb.

He has now traveled so far from the community that he can feel the memories leaving. Soon the Giver’s wisdom will be required to help guide the community through the troubling new memories and...

(The entire section is 416 words.)