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Chapter 20 Summary

Jonas has watched his father release an infant, and now he knows that release means kill. His father’s job is to kill children, and Fiona’s job is to kill the elderly. Something in Jonas is torn by this experience, and he cries and lashes out against the Giver, declaring that he will never go back to his family. The Giver agrees to let Jonas stay in the Annex room with him. He has his assistant notify Jonas’s family unit. She readily agrees to help out, and Jonas sarcastically mocks her compliance.

Eventually, the Giver manages to help Jonas to calm down, reminding the young Receiver that no one in the community is capable of feeling anything about what they do. Together, they work out a plan for Jonas to escape from the community. It has been nearly a year since the Ceremony of Twelve when Jonas was selected to become Receiver in Training. The Receiver does not usually attend the ceremony, and this year, the two will take advantage of this. Jonas will leave a note on the morning of the ceremony explaining to his family that he is going out for a morning bicycle ride along the river. Meanwhile, the Giver will request a vehicle and driver for the purpose of visiting a nearby community....

(The entire section is 445 words.)