Girl Meets God

by Lauren F. Winner

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In Girl Meets God, how are books important to Lauren's life?

Expert Answers

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As a student of both Christianity and Judaism, Lauren is an avid reader of religious texts. Having been raised in the Jewish faith as a result of her father being Reform Jewish, she was an active participant in activities at the Reform synagogue as a teenager.

During one summer of her high school years, she signed up for classes at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education in New York and would have read extensively in the course of these studies. Later, after converting to Orthodox Judaism, she studied at Columbia University, where a lot more reading would have been required. Over and above this, she used this time to prepare for the bet din, an examination which she had to pass in front of three rabbis.

During her time at Columbia, Lauren began to find herself more and more interested in Christianity, which required much more studying and reading. Over time, she found herself more and more interesting in Christianity, the Bible, and its teachings. She describes the books of Jan Karon, about an Episcopalian rector and the way his parishioners lived out their faith in daily life, as deeply influential in her decision to turn to Christianity. Thereafter, she acquired a copy of Book of Common Prayer, which cemented her decision.

In a nutshell, it was through reading and studying books that Lauren had not one, but two religious epiphanies in her young life.

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