A Girl Called Al Critical Context - Essay

Constance C. Greene

Critical Context

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

Constance C. Greene’s major and best-known works are coming-of-age stories that feature a variety of the crises of early adolescence. A Girl Called Al is the first novel about the title character in Greene’s popular series, which also includes I Know You, Al (1975), Al(exandra) the Great (1982), Just Plain Al (1986), and Al’s Blind Date (1989). Greene’s work also features other popular protagonists, such as the title characters of Isabelle the Itch (1973) and The Love Letters of J. Timothy Owen (1986); the latter novel marked Greene’s foray into novels for older adolescents.

Greene has stated that her own children, as well as personal childhood memories, have inspired and informed her books. Her writing has earned her critical acclaim; A Girl Called Al, for example, is an American Library Association Notable Book.