Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. In chapter 11, the children are determined to explore Judges Cave. Why is Judges Cave famous? What else can you find out about it?

2. Ginger is trained to perform in a vaudeville act. Write a paper on the history of vaudeville as a form of entertainment.

3. In chapter 8, Mrs. Speedy says that women are not allowed to serve on juries. Why not? When did this change?

4. Mrs. Pye tells Rachel about the "mark" that the tramps have put on their door. What does this mean? What can you find out about tramp or hobo culture? How does this culture differ from the growing homeless population in our contemporary society?

5. Mr. Pye is a famous "bird man." What is another name for what he does? Ginger Pye contains many descriptions of interesting bird facts and behavior; explain some of them.

6. Eleanor Estes' book The Moffats is also set in the town of Cranbury. What are some of the main differences between the two books? Are there any similarities? Which book do you like better and why?

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