What are the key passages in chapters 12 and 13 of Ginger Pye and why?

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Rachel's empathy for others has grown by Chapter 12. She recalls how grateful a tramp had been to discover a discarded pork chop put out by her mother:

"Then Mama had gone back upstairs and she and her Mama, that is Gramma, had watched form the window. Presently along there came a poor man. Did he brighten up when he saw this beautiful chop! And he didn't have to go rumamging through the garbage for it either..

Every time Rachel ate a pork chop she thought about the one the poor old fellow had had that he hadn't had to rummage through the garbage for, and she wondered if hers tasted as good.

In Chapter 13, both Rachel and Jerry realize that Wally is the "unsavory character" by the mark on his hat. This chapter deals largely with perspective and the identification of the hat goes along with this theme:

"The hat!" screamed Rachel. "Has it got the mark in it? The mark, you know, the red mark?"

Muttering, "Of course not. This is Wally's old hat, not the unsavory character's," still Jerry paled and he took the hat into the bright sunshine and he turned down the inside band and there, sure enough! there was the red crayone mark just where Dick Badger had put it that day at the reservoir... All along he probably was the one who had stolen Ginger and not the villain they had drawn the picture of.

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