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George Giles

George Giles, known as Goat-Boy and Billy Bocksfuss, a young man seeking his identity and vocation at New Tammany College. At first, George believes he is a kid and that his name is Billy Bocksfuss. George was conceived by a mating between the artificial intelligence running the East and West Campuses and a human female. The book covers his life from adolescence to his thirty-third year, during which time he learns that he is not a goat, learns to walk erect (with a stick because he is lame when not on all fours), learns to control his sexual impulses (relative to goat standards), and learns that it is difficult to distinguish between saintly and sinful (Passed and Flunked) behavior. The vocation he chooses is that of hero. His adventures, sexual and otherwise, surround his quest to become a Candidate for Graduation, to become a Graduate, and to demonstrate that he is a true Grand Tutor, or great teacher. He must also determine his true and proper relationship to Anastasia Stoker, or Stacey, with whom he falls in love as soon as he approaches the campus. After several near lynchings, George becomes accepted by a small number of disciples, but he leaves a document saying that he expects to have been consumed by lightning at the age of thirty-three and a third, hung (ritually and by his own choice) on an old oak tree. A postscript, supposedly questioning the validity of that document, says he simply disappeared.

Max Spielman

Max Spielman, the Goat-Boy’s Moishian (Jewish) keeper and adviser. He is a scientist who discovered EAT (Electroencephalic Amplification and Transmission), which is used to attack political or philosophical opponents by destroying their minds. He used the process during a time of crisis (Campus Riot II) and throughout the time of the story is torn with remorse. Having ensured George’s entry to the Campus, he allows himself to be falsely arrested and executed. George reveres Max as a foster father as well as a moral and intellectual guide.

Anastasia (Stacey) Stoker

Anastasia (Stacey) Stoker, the adopted daughter of Virginia Hector (also known as Lady Creamhair), the real mother of George. She sexually provokes George Giles as he...

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One of the attractions that Giles Goat-Boy held for its initial readers, which certainly contributed to its early commercial success,...

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